Here´s a little audioboo about my thought on Space Monkey season 1, and what I can bring with me to make season 2 even better.

Basically it goes like this:

1. I need to establish more lines of communication with my core readers, so that everyone can have more input and make the story more awesome.

2. I need to seperate the comic and the voting, so the story doesn´t get spoiled for those who don´t vote or suggest things.

Ramblings about this here:


There´s a new suggestion with a twist for the naming-contest. @tarjeiAH has suggested the title “The adventures of Space Monkey Vol 1: Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be viking cowgirls”. And, since Tarjei is an accomplished musicians from bands such as Lost At Last, St. Satan and Heavy Metal Kings, and knows I´m a country-fan, he suggested that we do a cover of the song “Mamas, don´t let your babies grow up to be cowboys”(As popularized by Wille Nelson and Waylon Jennings) with updated lyrics if he wins.

So if you wanna hear me sing lines like “Viking cowgirls ain´t easy to love, and they´re harder to hold. They´d rather sever your head and pillage your gold”, then vote for his suggestion!